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ÖNCÜ travel  will offer environmentally friendly excursions again in 2021. The SOLAR  powered catamaran "ÖNCÜ 1" laid on keel. The ship passed its maiden voyage with flying colors. Up to forty passengers find enough space on the super-quiet vehicle. No diesel clouds obscure nature, the ÖNCÜ 1 glides calmly over the lake. Maneuvering is done with just two joysticks. A trip through the dreamlike lake landscape is really relaxing. Cormorants, kingfishers, seagulls, nature in general is not disturbed by anything on this excursion.

Karaca_Luft (16).jpg
Karcaören Foto (16).jpg

PHOTO JD MEDIA ANTALYA /picture o.ÖNCÜ 1/ picture ul ÖNCÜ Basis/ picture ur Karacaören lake

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