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Important tips

A list of good tips so that you can really enjoy your trip

You can book excursions on almost every corner. But why should you rather book with your hotel tour guide?

Excursion agencies are bound by contractual agreements with your travel agency to meet certain standards  to comply with, such as insurance and licensed guides

Where can I find excursions that arouse my interest?

Your hotel tour guide  has an extensive offer, as well as detailed information about all excursion programs. Talk to him, he will do everything to help you 

Are there any excursions that are suitable for the disabled?

Contact your tour guide depending on your grade  Depending on your disability, he can recommend appropriate excursions 

Why do I find the note to take cash with me in excursion descriptions?

Most excursions also offer the opportunity to purchase souvenirs. It is recommended anyway for special excursions with shopping opportunities. If not stated separately, drinks of all kinds are to be paid for separately as required. Many excursions also offer the opportunity to purchase photos or videos taken during the excursion. In principle, this is only done voluntarily.

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